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Before Check In

01-Dormitory Application 02-Check The Result Of The Dormitory Application 03-Prepare Daily Necessities 04-Pay The Dormitory Fee And Deposit

Check-in Procedure

05-Complete The Payment (Dorm Fee And Deposit) 06-Show Your ID And Fill In The Room Contract 07-Receive The Key,  Property List Cards And Set Access Card 08-Welcome To NTOU Dormitory.png

Living In Dormitory Information And Regulations

09-Bed Size.png 10-Mail And Package Delivering 11-Equipment Repair Application 12-Air-conditioning Use And Maintenance


13-Setting Internet 14-Room Telephone 15-Garbage Truck Coming Time 16-Light Control


17-TV Control 18-Gate Control 19-Visitor Control 20-Dormitory Regulations

Check-out Procedure (Please Go To The Counter On The 1st Floor Of Each Dormitory To Check-out)

21-Confirm Check-out Rules And Procedures 22-Empty The Dormitory Personal Belongings 23-Return The Key And Sign The Property List Cards For Confirmation 24-Complete Check-out Procedure